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Звезда Давида Группа

Бриллиантовая коллекция Иерусалим Мориа - Кольцо Цитрин Звезда Давида


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Story of a Stone
All the way from the Temple Mount to you

Коллекция бриллиантов Иерусалим Мориа:
Цитрин Звезда Давида Кольцо

  • Кольцо из белого золота 14K, общий вес 3.20 гр.
  • Gem Stone: Cirtine, Cut: Star, quantity – 1 pieces, carat: 2.450  ct
  • Total ring weight:  3.50 gr
  • Ring size: EU: 54 US 6.6 – for other sizes please contact us.
  • Доступны варианты:
    Золотой цвет: желтый или розовый
    Драгоценные камни: аметист / синий топаз или алмаз


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Храмовая гора

The holiest historic site is scared to more than half of the world population. The location of the first and second Temple in Jerusalem - This is the most sacred site for Judaism, where several events in the life of Jesus have occurred and where prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Кедронская долина

The project began in 1999 when an illegal renovation on the Temple Mount resulted in disposal of 9,000 tons of the holiest land on earth mixed with invaluable archaeological artifacts into a nearby dump in Kidron Valley. In a bold move two Israeli archaeologists retrieved the matter from the dump, and in 2004, they started sifting it. Their initiative became the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP).

Проект просеивания грунта с Храмовой горы

Since 2004, the Temple Mount Sifting Project (TMSP) has been sifting soil from the Temple Mount, in order to shed more light on the history of the site: A place of significance to billions of people throughout the world. Moriah Collection is a significant founder of the TMSP, and every day we get buckets of historical stones for the production of the collection. Each piece is set with a unique and authentic Temple Mount stone with an intrinsic value of a timeless legacy.

Moriah Jewelry Collection

Каждое ювелирное изделие Moriah Collection - это мастерски изготовленные вручную изделия, которые сохраняют первозданную красоту и целостность камня. Объединение подлинного Иерусалимского камня с Храмовой горы с бриллиантами и золотом - это уникальные образцы вечного наследия и духовности, идеально подходящие для особых случаев и значимых подарков, вопложенные в ювелирных украшениях.
We invite you wherever you are, wherever you go, always keep a piece of Jerusalem close to your heart.
1. Learn how the holiest stones from the Temple Mount became the heart of our jewelry.
2. Learn the story of the Jerusalem stones in our unique jewelry.